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Betty Odom
Office: (254) 675-2227
Mobile: (254)386-7675

“Yes! Clifton is the best little place in Texas ! The scenery is breathtaking and I’m proud to be a Norwegian!” exclaims Betty. 

Betty is a native of Clifton , a graduate of Clifton High School , and a member of the First Baptist Church . She owned a business in downtown Clifton for 43 years and said that she enjoyed every day. Everyone who is acquainted with Betty knows that she has the kindest heart and endless energy when it comes to taking care of the needs of others. What a beautiful trait to have!

Growing up on the family farm with her parents Homer and Vera Erickson, Betty treasured family time which also included one brother, Pat, and a sister, Linda. Homer and Vera farmed and ranched for more than 60 years on the Erickson Farm which was established in 1907. 

Betty and her husband Freddie have been married for 50 years, and he has been with the Clifton Funeral Home for 37 years. They have two children, Sheree and her husband Bill Williams, and Michael and his wife Shawn. The really special ones in the Odom life now are the grandchildren – Shawn, Rebecca, Connor, Payton, and Bailey -- and Betty says they are truly GRAND! There are other wonderful friends and family members living in this area including a foster child named Jesse, and Ernest and Christy Hilburn and their children Gracee and Hydee. All are part of the Odom special family. 

Betty’s real estate clients are also very important to her, and she always assists in every way possible to make real estate transactions enjoyable experiences for all parties. In her 34 years as a realtor, it has been Betty’s pleasure to serve many people. She enjoys listing and selling homes (in town or country) as well as the beautiful land in Bosque County . Clients can count on Betty Odom giving 100% effort in helping to accomplish their goals.

Nelda Kettler
Office: (254) 675-2227
Mobile: (254) 749-4045

On a snowy, icy night in January years ago Rollan and Dova Shelley drove their daughter Cuma from Whitney to Clifton (crossing the old Whipple bridge) to Goodall-Witcher Hospital to deliver the Shelley’s first grandbaby. That baby was Nelda Jo. (Who knew that years later Nelda would return to Clifton to live for the rest of her life!) Nelda’s father Samuel Bush was overseas fighting in WWII where he was later killed when she was 10 months old. When Nelda was five years old, her mother remarried Willard Allen, and the family continued to live in Whitney, but the fascination with Clifton and Bosque County never ended. 

After graduating from Whitney High School , Nelda attended North Texas State University where she met Smokey Kettler from Clifton . They later married, moved to Clifton , and were blessed with two sons, Todd and Mark. Smokey and Nelda celebrated 41 years together this past September. Clifton is “home” and Nelda is very proud to be a part of this community. Todd and Mark both graduated from Baylor University , and they have given the greatest gift of six grandchildren to Smokey and Nelda – Brycen, Hayden, Mason, Michael, Emma Kate and Cole. 

Nelda has been a real estate broker since 1974 and has been involved in the Texas market since that time, but also became a teacher and later a school principal. After being an educator for 25 years, Nelda retired and opened her own real estate office in Clifton in 2004. She rolled over her philosophy of ‘with the student’s best interest at heart’ to ‘…with the client’s best interest at heart’. Fortunately, her entire office team feels the same way. 

Nelda also served as President of the Clifton Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Waco Board of Realtors and MLS, the Texas Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, the Heart of Texas Builders Association, the Bosque Memorial Museum , the Bosque Conservatory of Fine Arts, the Baylor Foundation, and the Texas Retired Teachers and Administrators. She holds a Master’s Degree from Tarleton State University . 

Smokey and Nelda recently purchased a 1940’s German-Norwegian home for their home. It was one where Happy Jenson grew up, so it had special meaning for Smokey because of his relationship with Happy. Also, the home was renovated in the 1980’s by Martin Grelle who also holds a special place in the hearts of Smokey and Nelda. They still remember going to the fair in Waco when they were first married and living in Waco and Martin had won first place in the youth art division. Smokey pointed out that Martin was a Clifton kid, and Nelda was impressed. What a joy watching Martin’s success through the years! Martin sold the home to Smokey’s sister Etta who enjoyed it for 20 years. Nelda loves people and loves the real estate business. Showing property and helping people connect with the right place is very fulfilling. Happy clients puts the icing on the cake! Promoting Clifton and Central Texas is a daily goal for Nelda and Kettler Realty. Call the office at (254)675-2227 and allow us to represent you and show you this great area. You, too, can build memories here!

Mark Kettler
Office: (254) 675-2227
Mobile: (254) 709-7362

Mark began building homes almost ten years ago in the McLennan and Bosque counties. He is an active member of the Heart of Texas Builders Association. He has served as a Board Member with the Builders Association since 2001 and was President of the Association in 2008.

Mark became owner of Kettler Realty in 2009, but has been a Realtor since 2001 and a Broker since 2005. He is an active member of the Waco Association of Realtors, where he currently serves on several committees.

Mark grew up in Clifton and graduated Clifton High School in 1989 and became a graduate of Baylor University in 1994. Mark enjoys golfing, hunting, and coaching sports. Mark has two sons, Mason and Michael, who attend school in China Spring and are active in baseball and basketball.

Whether your dreams include building a new home, buying a ranch, buying existing home, or selling your current home, you can count on Kettler realty and Mark Kettler Homes to fulfill your needs!

Buying, building, or selling – call Mark at (254)709-7362.